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Burn Jel Plus Works To #StopTheBurn *Weber Grill Giveaway*

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A few moths ago, Jamie was doing a cooking demo and ended up burning herself on a hot pan.  Afterwards she learned that one of the attendees worked for a burn relief product and a new relationship was born.  All regular cooks know that burns are just par for the course, but the pain doesn't have to be.  Burn Jel Plus® is a pain relieving gel that instantly cools and soothes.  If you have ever burned yourself you know how painful it can be and you feel like there is nothing you can do.  Water-Jel® Technologies the manucacturer of Burn Jel Plus® has been making emergency burn care products for more than 25 years and now they are bringing their products to us.

When a burn occurs it is important to act immediately to #StopTheBurn and relieve the pain.  That is why it is our mission to make sure everyone has this necessary tool on hand when they need it.  Just after I got my first sample of Burn Jel Plus® my 9 year old son was cooking and got a minor burn on his arm.  He yelled out and immediately put it under running water.  Then I remembered my sample and ran over to give it a try.  Within seconds his pain was gone and he went on with what he was doing.

Burn Jel Plus® stops the burning process and instantly cools the skin.  It really is a must have kitchen and on the go product available at Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Walmart or online at BurnJelPlus.com.

We have teamed up with Burn Jel Plus® this Summer to help everyone #StopTheBurn.  Starting next week we are giving away 30 Burn Jel Plus® Gift Baskets filled with Burn Jel Plus®, Oven Mits, Aprons, Spatulas and More!!  Every Wednesday through August we will choose 3 winners and then on August 27, 2014 1 Grand Prize Winner will win this Weber Grill valued at $499 (or equivalent Lowe's Gift Card).  Open to residents of U.S., ages 18+. See detailed terms and conditions on entry form.  Enter here with Rafflecopter:

The first winners are: Melissa, Carolyn, and Gerald.

The next winners are: Pam, Tandi, and Gary.

The third set of winners are: Debbie W, Tammi, and Joe Jo

The fourth round of winners are: Sari, Ken G, Keith B

The fifth round of winners: Bethany S, Robyn W, and Traci B

The sixth set of winners: Linda F, Shalom K, Annette T

The seventh set of winners: Judith W, Louly, Debbie R

The eighth set of winners: Adele S, Robin S,  Marta H

The ninth set of winners: Mike P, Cohen, T Michelle

The final set of gift basket winners: Bryn, Richard H, Karen H

The Big Winner of the Weber Grill is Tandi C - Congratulations!!!
Win A Weber Grill (value at $499)