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This article is sponsored by Sincerely Brigitte flavored cheeses.

I have written many articles about cheese and the evolution of kosher cheese, from a limited selection of slices that tasted like orange plastic to a world where kosher cheese has expanded from the kosher aisle to the gourmet aisle. The latest addition to our cheese board is on a plate of its own! Sincerely Brigitte has created a line of flavored cheeses that will complement almost any dairy meal or side dish. The six flavors include Jalapeno Cilantro and Chipotle, Parsley Chive and Garlic Basil, Tomato Olive and Blue Marble. They all have their unique taste, but they are made to complement, not overpower, with a mild Monterey Jack or Cheddar base.

Sincerely Brigitte cheeses are getting attention from cheese aficionados of every stripe, I have been using the cheeses over the past couple of months in all my Italian and Mexican dishes and my whole family loves it. The kids love choosing which cheese to sprinkle over their pasta or melt into their veggie taco. I love saving a step by using the flavor of these cheeses to transform an otherwise boring dish You better stock up, once I started with these flavored cheeses it makes it hard to go back to plain old cheddar. And stay tuned for more adventurous flavors to come, I am sworn to secrecy, but they sound amazing!

Brigitte, the cheese maker and longtime friend of Joy of Kosher, created these cheeses in hopes of creating a community of cheese lovers just like her. I know we have a lot of cheese lovers on this site and that is why we have teamed up to offer 4 CHANCES TO WIN!!

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Over the next month we will be giving away four Sincerely Brigitte Cheese Sampler Sets including 1 of each of the 6 flavors with a little black cooler, a $40 value.

Enter below with Rafflecopter and you can enter daily or weekly to win, every Thursday in May we will pick one winner and share a new recipe featuring one of the cheeses.

Get started by commenting below, which flavor do you think will be your favorite?

The first winner is Erica S.

The second winner is Esti W.

This post is sponsored by Sincerely Brigitte, all opinions are my own, to find out more about their cheese, click here.