Kitchen Gadgets and Giveaways

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kitchen gadgets

This month we share the gadgets we used in the making of this issue.  The following gadgets were used in some of our recipe making.  They are versatile and unique and make a perfect hostess, birthday or Chanukah gift.

wilton donut pan

A great way to celebrate Chanukah's traditional doughnut treats all the while keeping health in mind is with the WILTON NON-STICK DONUT CAKE PAN. It is available in 2 sizes: a 6-cavity doughnut pan or a 12-cavity mini doughnut pan. You can use practically any cake batter and bake it in these trays for a doughnut-shaped treat. Or turn to page 75 for Melissa Kaye of Little Miss Cakes’ awesome chocolate cake doughnuts with peanut butter chocolate glaze.

emile henry

THE CERAMIC EMILE HENRY BREAD CLOCHEwith its bell-shaped cover allows you to proof your bread directly in the bread cloche. The lid also traps steam from the baking bread to create an environment similar to a steam-injected oven. The steam gives the bread a crunchy, chewy crust. It is also an awe­some substitute for a pizza stone and we used it to make our pitas (pg. 34) taste authentic. This bread cloche is made of all natural materials and is backed by a ten-year warranty.

To thinly slice the beets and fennel for Itta Roth’s focaccia, we used OXO’S V BLADE MANDOLINE. It is a well-priced gadget that allows you to slice, chop, grate and julienne vegetables to your liking. Awesome for latkes, salads and roasted veggies and a great way to make everyone think you spent some time at culinary school.



Most home cooks do not deep-fry everyday, but when Chanu­kah (or any special occasion) comes along, the inspiration to make some homemade fried treats (be it fritters, sufganiyot, eggrolls, spring rolls, chur­ros etc.) strikes. Due to its compact size and affordable price, the T-FAL UNO DEEP FRYERis the perfect tool for such inspiration. It can easily fit in the back of your closet and we especially appreciated that the outside of the fryer never got too hot from the boiling oil contained within.


CUTCO’S 9-¾” SLICERmakes slicing meats, poultry, seafood and breads effortless. It cuts through bread like butter, and when cutting through the authentic rye bread and focaccia with beet and fennel (pg. 33) this knife emerged a true hero. Cutco also offers a Forever Guarantee and will sharpen and repair any Cutco knife if necessary for FREE.