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zylis clip and serve

This month's issue of Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine features a whole What's New This Year Guide.  Featuring wines, foods, cookbooks, trends and as always gifts and gadgets.  Here are the gadgets we love right now and you can click to learn more and buy one for yourself.  Some of them are even being offered as giveaways.
ZOKU MINI POP Molds lets you create nine mini pops. No need to run under warm water to release — when your pops
are frozen, simply pull out your mini pop and enjoy! Amazon $17.99ENTER TO WIN NOW!

zoku mini

ratchet grinder

Using freshly ground spices in your cooking uplifts and enhances the flavors. Grinding your own spices has been made easy with KUHN RIKON'S RATCHET GRINDER. $20.

THE ZYLISS CLIP-AND-SERVE SERVING SET clips together to form serving tongs or can be used as separate "hands" for tossing a salad. $9.99

zylis clip and serve

WEDGE AND POP APPLE CORER: Prepping apples to dip into honey just got easier.  The Wedge and Pop cores and slices
apples into 8 pieces. The blade cover doubles as a tool for popping out lodged slices. Progressive International - $9.99.

apple corer

dip clips for honey on rosh hashanah

DIP CLIPS: An updated twist on the traditional honey holder, the clips hook onto plates and hold up to ⅓ cup dip.
Sold as a set of 4, each person could have their own or they can be clipped onto a plate holding apple slices. $7.12  WIN THE APPLE SLICER AND DIP CLIPS NOW.