Kitchen Gifts and Gadgets for Summer *Giveaway*

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melon scooper

Get out of the kitchen faster with these innovative tools.

progressive salad dressing maker

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Make perfect salad dressings and marinades every time by simply adding ingredients and shaking.

melon scooper

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Remove melon from the rind and make balls for fruit salads, garnishes and desserts with Progressive International’s Snap-Fit Melon
Baller & Scoop set.

avocado slicer

The perfect tool to properly slice and pit an avocado.

pepper corer

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Progressive’s Pepper Corer’s pointed tips easily pierce pepper. Its tapered edges quickly cut through skin and pith and remove seeds. Larger size is perfect for bell peppers and tomatoes. Smaller size is ideal for jalapeños and other small chili peppers.

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The perfect gift for the young baker: a starter cookie-making kit with all the tools necessary for children as young as three, this set comes
with a mixing bowl, matching mixing spoons, rolling pin, cookie cutters and recipe cards.  Available at -

cookie baking set

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wood planks

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Simply soak, heat and smoke and enjoy the full, smoky flavor these wooden planks impart to meats and vegetables.  Purchase at your local gourmet shop or at

bowl scraper with measurement

Bowl scraper with measurements makes for the ultimate baker’s tool. Available at