Fall 2012 Magazine Giveaways

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Find out how to win a few of the Gourmet Gifts & Gadgets featured in this month's Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller.

Win the Apple Cookie Cutter and Sanding Sugar
Get the kids involved in the excitement of Rosh Hashanah by letting them help decorate delicious treats for dessert!

apple cutter

To win - Like The Joy of Kosher Facebook page and let us know you did in the comments below.

Beehive Plaque Pan


A simple and easy way to create the perfect dessert that will wow your guests!



Whether your meal was simple or gourmet, shared with family or friends, you are still left with a clean-up job at the end. Get the kids involved and let them use this unique and efficient crumber to sweep your table clean.

Win all three of these products!!  Total package valued at $50.