Smore's Recipes for Lag BaOmer

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Lag BaOmer, the 33rd day in the counting of the omer between Passover and Shavout, is a day of great celebration. This year it falls on May 10th.  The semi-mourning period of the first thirty-three days of the omer ends with a celebration of the life of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, among other things. The zohar states “[When Rav Shimon died], all that day, the fire did not desist from the house, and no one approached it, since they could not as the fire was all around.” As a reminder of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai bonfires are an important component of many Lag BaOmer celebrations.


When I think about bonfires my thoughts automatically turn to s’mores. Gooey toasted marshmallows sandwiched with melted chocolate between two graham crackers they are the epitome of bonfire desserts. While traditional s’mores are fun to make and even more fun to eat, I love taking the flavors of s’mores and turning them into more sophisticated desserts.

smore truffle 647

These S’more Truffles are everything a s’more should be, gooey, a bit messy, and over the top delicious.  Rich chocolate ganache surrounds soft marshmallow fluff and the whole thing is covered in graham cracker crumbs. These are not dainty one-bite truffles. They are almost as big as golf balls and when you bite into them the marshmallow oozes out almost as if it just came out of the campfire.

smore tart 647

For a more elegant take on the traditional s’more I absolutely love this Smore's Tart. Just as welcome at an outside barbeque as a dessert for an elegant Shabbat dinner, this tart is always a crowd pleaser. Plus I get to break out the blow torch to toast the top of the marshmallow layer which is all kinds of fun! (It can also be toasted in a broiler. Less fun but just as effective.)

grilled smore sandwich

Since it never seems like a good idea to build a big bonfire in our backyard, our Lag BaOmer plans usually involve barbequing on the grill instead.  Once the grill is going and dinner is made these S’more Sandwiches are a great way to celebrate s’mores in a unique way. If a backyard barbeque isn’t possible they are also delicious made on a grill pan or in a Panini press.

In my book every day a good day to enjoy the gooey deliciousness of s’mores, so whether you make these for Lag BaOmer or for any other day these s’more variations are worth making. They will make any day into a celebration.