Exclusive Webinar - "Mainstreaming Kosher"

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"Mainstreaming" Kosher: Taking Ethnic/ Specialty Foods to the Masses and Growing Beyond your Specialty Niche

Join us for this first installment in a series of webinars designed to help position your product for growth in the kosher market.

Kosher has gone far beyond its traditional base in that many of its products are rife for a much broader market. From the bagel to hummus, many original kosher products are moving into mainstream aisles with a far greater potential than ever imagined.

Join kosher industry authorities Milt Weinstock and Menachem Lubinsky in this exclusive webinar, as they help you lay the groundwork to take your kosher product mainstream. They’ll discuss the appeal of mainstreaming kosher products, highlight principals for success and review some successful case histories while answering these key questions:

  • How can an "ethnic" product have "mass" appeal?
  • Why should the mainstream market take notice of my product?
  • Will I need to tweak the product, its packaging, and marketing to expand to a broader market?

Grow beyond your niche. Think mainstream. Register today to attend this free webinar.

Date: Thursday, 9/15/11
Time: 2:00pm EST
Cost: Free

Milt Weinstock,
President, Kosher Media

Menachem Lubinsky, President & CEO,
LUBICOM Marketing & Consulting