Dr Praeger's Review and **Giveaway**

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So I love fast food -- and I don’t mean artery-plugging burgers you buy on the run. I literally mean food that is ready fast, in a flash. Jaws drop when I say that the kiddies and Hubby are having one of their favorite dinners: chicken nuggets, and no, I did not make them from scratch! Dunno why that’s so hard for people to believe. I mean, I confess my life to you all on a regular basis.

The fact is that we all need shortcuts sometimes. We all have days when we feel like our hair is on fire and we won't last another minute, and then some frozen treat or dinner gallops in like a knight in shining armor to save the day. I do feel a whole lot better about myself when I serve my family a frozen finger food from a box that reads no trans fats, or all natural ingredients, low sodium, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no poison for your loved ones. And that’s where the doc comes in. I relied on Dr. Praeger as an extra set of hands in the kitchen pre- and post-Pesach when I was turning my kitchen upside down and inside out.

Dr. Praeger’s “Littles” line of products turns spinach and broccoli into stars and moons and suns and all kinds of funky kid-friendly shapes. I have to say there wasn’t much even he could do to spinach to entice the kids, but I LOVED the Spinach Littles and ate almost the whole box myself. (Yeah, I know that’s not a first, but you know me…) The broccoli and potatoes bites were a hit and we had nothing but love for the pizza bagels. I shouldn’t have been surprised because Dr. Praeger’s lightly breaded fish sticks are a staple in our house.

**GIVEAWAY** So to celebrate the doc who has rescued me countless times, and to spread the word to other harried parents who want the best for their families, we are giving away one box of Cali Veggie Burgers, Sweet Potato Pancakes, Spinach Littles, Pizza Bagels and Fish Sticks to ONE lucky winner picked at random. In order to qualify to enter please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know that you have done so in the comments. If you are already signed up for the newsletter and follow us on social media, please confirm in the comments. For an extra entry, leave us a comment telling us what your favorite Dr Praeger's product is and why. [Contest is open to US Residents only. Contest closes Wednesday May 11, 2011 at 9 am.]

Wouldn’t it be great if our kids loved every doctor this much?