Slow Cooker Soups

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The reason I’m mad about slow cookers is that you can use them for just about anything! Even soups. Really. I love soups that eat like a meal. With a slow cooker, you can prepare nice hearty bean soups that will amply fill every tummy in your family. They will keep everybody warm and cozy in these cold winter months as well. (And it all cooks in one pot. It doesn’t get better than that, people.)

Do you tend to see things in black and white? I have two soups for you! White Bean Soup with Lemon and Garlic Corn Bread and Mexican Black Bean Soup with Spiced Tortilla Chips. These are the ying and yang of slow cooker soups, and they’re both individually palate-pleasing.

If you happen to be a vegetarian, you’ll love these fab soups because they’re hearty, rich and pure veggie.

White Bean Soup with Lemon and Garlic Cornbread

And speaking of beans, I am sure you will enjoy my Three Bean Vegetarian Chilli.

Do you have favorite bean dishes? Let us know!