Mom's the Word - Mother's Day Greetings

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The last word in our Mother's Day greetings comes from Stacey Herron.

To me, my mother is chicken cacciatore. Let me explain. As a little girl, I was prone to becoming very attached to things. One day, I had a play date with a friend. When dinner rolled around, her mother served an amazing concoction known as chicken cacciatore. It was so delicious that I raced home and begged my mother to make it for dinner the very next night. And the next night. And the next. In fact, I remember begging her to make this same dish every single night for nearly two months despite the fact that she was sick to her stomach from too much chicken cacciatore. Interestingly enough, I never really loved chicken on its own, and tomatoes always nauseated me, but I enjoyed the down-home feeling of the dish and the lessons I learned cooking it with my mother. Although I finally got sick of chicken cacciatore (I haven’t eaten it in over 12 years!), I will always remember the time I spent with my mother in the kitchen learning how to cook. Even more so, I will always remember my mother's sacrifices as she forced down chicken cacciatore night after night to make me happy. So, to me, my mother is and forever will be associated with that chicken cacciatore!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and yours!


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