Mom's the Word - Mother's Day Greetings

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This Mother's Day greeting comes from Jay Eidelman.

My mother is a great baker of cakes. For birthdays growing up my brothers and I were always feted with her upside down apple cake, a kind of cobbler made with a cake batter topping. On Rosh Hashanah her honey cake is sublime. Sweet without being cloying and rich without any hint of the burnt caramel flavor that does in so many honey cakes. These days, it’s my mom’s stunningly scrumptious dark chocolate cake, which she makes weekly for Shabbat, that I miss so acutely living away.

I learned all my mom's cake recipes watching and baking with her and we make her cakes often at my home. Somehow, though, they never turn out quite as good. It must be the love.

Thanks, Mom. And Happy Mothers Day!


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