Mom's the Word - Mother's Day Greetings

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Today's Mother's Day reminiscence comes from Kate Linnihan. She is our Email Marketing Manager. Here's Kate …

Unlike most women of her generation (who were famous for flavoring everything with a can of tomato or cream of mushroom soup) and most women of her Irish background (who were famous for boiling everything until it turned gray), my mom is a great cook. Her range is much more limited compared to what I cook for my family today—I grew up in a time when spaghetti was considered ethnic food! But I can’t come close to her skills at basic meat and potatoes meals. I’m totally intimidated by a leg of lamb, but in her hands it’s magic! She has taught me so much over the years, not least of which is how to make a decent pot roast! I hope my children will have the wonderful memories of me in the kitchen that I have of my mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!


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