Mom's the Word - Mother's Day Greetings

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Today's Mother's Day thoughts come from Brian Cooper, our Director of Online Marketing. Here's his tale …

My mother is an excellent cook. She was while I and my two siblings were young, and she remains so today. She is versatile and creative in the kitchen. It also always struck me that she was most at ease in the kitchen, creating meals for us and for friends. That's often when it was easiest to talk with my mom! I remember often hanging out in the kitchen reviewing the issues of the moment, and sneaking bits and bites as she worked. But the thing that most stands out for me is not any specific dish, although there were many that we loved. Rather, it's the atmosphere my mother created, the idea that food is about family and friends. Food is for family and friends. Food is fun, and often something to admire, but still it's not the point. The point is the gathering, the warmth around the table, and the fun of being together that food helps facilitate. That remains true for my mother today, and was passed on to me and both my siblings.

Happy Mother's Day!


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