Purim in Crimea - Simferopol Jewish Community Thanks Kosher.com for Holiday Supplies

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Kosher.com donated Purim food and supplies to the Bais Menachem School in Crimea.

Last month, Kosher.com donated mishloach manot supplies for Purim gifts to the Bais Menachem Jewish School of Simferopol, Crimea in the Former Soviet Union. Leah Lipszyc, the school’s administrator, wrote us a beautiful thank you note and sent us photos. Here’s some of what she had to say and some pics from Purim in Simferopol:


You can't imagine how thrilled we were to get the four big boxes of Purim supplies from you! Even the bochur [young man] who was helping us kept saying how nice the shalach manos was, and that he didn't get such nice shalach manos when he was a kid!

Thank you again for your generosity!  You really made the day for the kids in Bais Menachem Jewish School of Simferopol and others in our community!