It's Official: Kosher is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

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Well, better than sliced challah, anyway :)Recent information gathered from Mintel’s Global New Products Database for the year indicated that kosher foods are the leading the pack for new product launches!

What's really interesting is that the growth isn't entirely from the religious market.

From the study:

"Kosher is the most frequently used claim on food and drink products launched this year, according to Mintel, which suggests that the growing interest may be more to do with food safety than religion...not so much because of religion, but because consumers of various backgrounds trust kosher foods to be safer and clearly marked as to ingredient content”.

Other groups that are finding kosher appealing are vegetarians, lactose intolerant, and those that fear mad cow disease (from beef). This is the second straight year that Mintel has kosher ranked #1, and estimates the 2007 kosher market at $12.5 billion. All products in the US market that "happen to be kosher" stand at an astounding $500 billion.