The Chill Cheese Wrap

The Chill Cheese Wrap

May 7th 2013By Allaya Fleischer

Brie and arugula form an amazing wrap for a Summer picnic.


Grilled Vegetable Wraps with Creamy Coleslaw


August 17th 2014By Jamie Geller

Cream cheese on whole wheat bread is a lunch fave with the kiddies but I am always looking for ways to squeeze more veggies into their diets. Mommas out there, I know you hear me. I sometimes add sliced cukes (tomatoes just make the sandwich too soggy for school) but now I like adding leftover grilled veg from last night’s supper. If you wrap it all up in a tortilla it makes it fun for the kids and feels slightly more gourmet than your standard sandwich cut on the diagonal (I do this when I’m feelin’ fancy). To save time, purchase your vegetables already grilled from your local supermarket.


BBQ Chicken Wrap


June 30th 2013By Tamar Genger MA, RD

Perfect use for leftover chicken, just coat your chicken in BBQ sauce, top with slaw and wrap up, enjoy anytime.