Walrus Bar

Walrus Bar

May 21st 2010By Joy of Kosher

The addition of walnuts to a dessert bar is delicious and packed with flavor. Get the recipe here.


Walnut Crusted Salmon with Buttermilk Sauce

Walnut Crusted Salmon with Buttermilk

May 27th 2010By Joy of Kosher

Walnuts and salmon in this dish give you a well needed overdose of Omega 3's in a very tasty recipe.


Waldorf Salad

waldorf salad

June 27th 2011By Zippy Siedenfeld


Turkey and Walnuts En Papillote

Turkey and Walnuts En Papillote

May 28th 2010By Joy of Kosher

The French technique of baking food in parchment paper (en papillote) keeps food moist and aromatic. Check out this delicious recipe for turkey here.


Syrian Haroset

Syrian Haroset

June 28th 2011By Victoria Dwek

My father-in-law, a Rav, told me he was once asked, “Why is haroset delicious if it represents such sad things?” He responded, “Every difficulty in life is really sweet—they are blessings from G-d.” Every ingredient in the haroset is symbolic of the Jewish labor in Egypt. The walnuts are the pebbles of the bricks. The dates represent the mud, and the wine is the blood of the babies who were used in place of bricks when the quotas weren’t filled. As most Sepharadim eat gebrokts, the matzah meal represents the straw, also used to make bricks. This recipe is from my husband’s grandmother a”h, Rosa Dwek, from Aleppo, Syria.


Seder Plate Salad

Seder Plate Salad85

March 3rd 2015By Paula Shoyer

This is my version of a French Niçoise salad. I make it with lamb instead of tuna, and it contains the ritual components of the Seder plate and table. The dressing is made from kosher sweet wine and maror (the bitter herb, in this case, white horseradish), creating a creamy pink dressing. This salad also makes a nice lunch or light dinner during chol hamoed, the nonholiday days of Passover.


Pumpkin Cookies with White Chocolate Chips & Walnuts

Pumpkin Cookies with White Chocolate Chips and Walnuts

November 11th 2011By Jamie Geller


Fudgy Brownies

Fudgy Brownies - these fudgey and cakey brownies are perfectly chocolatey for everyone's favorite dessert

April 15th 2015By Ronnie Fein


Fettucine with Pumpkin Sauce & Toasted Walnuts

Fettucine with Pumpkin Sauce

August 3rd 2011By Jamie Geller

Pumpkin is a wonderful fall ingredient to cook and bake with and in this recipe it gets a savory twist as a creamy pasta sauce. Save time by purchasing already prepared squash and try this dish with some of your other favorite varietals like butternut or acorn!


Cinnamon Walnut Cookies

Cinnamon Walnut Cookies

December 17th 2010By Rachelle Ferneau


Chipotle Walnut Tart

Chipotle Walnut Tart

June 3rd 2010By Joy of Kosher

A delicious dessert with a special added kick of chillies and cayenne. Get the recipe here.


Chewy Cranberry Nut Bars

Chewy Cranberry Nut Bars

July 13th 2011By Joy of Kosher


Blue Watermelon Walnut Salad

Blue Watermelon Walnut Salad

July 4th 2011By Joy of Kosher

Caution...this salad can become an addiction!


Beetroot and Cranberry Salad with Goat’s Cheese

Beetroot and Cranberry Salad with Goat's Cheese

July 12th 2011By Joy of Kosher

Serve this salad with wholegrain sourdough bread for a delicious light lunch or, without the bread, as an appetizer before the main meal.


Apple Walnut Crostata

Apple Walnut Crostata

May 20th 2010By Joy of Kosher

Similar to an apple pie, this recipe will be a sure fire hit as a dessert at your meal.