Mean, Green Pistachio Ice Cream

Mean, Green Pistachio Ice Cream

July 10th 2011By Hannah Kaminsky

I like colorful food as much as the next person, but far too many pistachio ice creams out there take on an enticing shade of green through chemical means, leading to a terribly disappointing taste and a belly full of chemicals. A good version of this classic flavor doesn’t necessarily need to be an emerald or forest green to be delicious, but you can still achieve such a luscious hue simply by using the nuts themselves, plus a healthy dose of vibrant green avocado for creaminess. After you taste how incredibly flavorful this easy nutty treat can be, you will find it close to impossible to justify the purchase of those fakers again.


Adventures With My Ice Cream Maker

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July 12th 2010By Tamar Genger MA, RD

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