Vegetarian Thai Sticky Rice Dumpling

sticky rice

April 30th 2014By Tamar Genger MA, RD

I have been wanting to make a filled sticky rice package in banana leaves or lotus leaves for a while. I finally found the day to do it, but I didn’t have banana leaves so I substituted corn husks, not as authentic, but it worked and was delicious. Very comforting and perfect prep ahead dish. I could see this being great for a Shabbat side dish too.


Thai Watermelon Salad

Thai Watermelon Salad

July 4th 2011By Joy of Kosher


Summer Rolls Recipe with Two Dipping Sauces


Mock Crab Summer Rolls with Thai Dipping Sauce

Thai Summer Rolls

June 16th 2011By Levana Kirschenbaum

Summer rolls are those delightful paper-thin rice disks that you dip in warm water to soften (no cooking!), fill with virtually anything you like, roll and dip in the sauce of your choice: I love the suggested Thai dipping sauce, but you could use Teryaki sauce, or even a mixture of toasted sesame oil and soy sauce and nothing more. Seeing the filling through the translucent skins makes it even more fun. It would be alright to make them earlier in the day and bring them to room temperature at serving time, maybe even a day before, just as long as you don’t let the rolls touch, or they might get stuck. Use your imagination and personal preference and use any filling you like, always keeping the selection short and to the point: rice noodles (soak in hot water, drain and cut smaller with scissors), diced cooked or smoked chicken, grated carrots, julienned snow peas, thinly sliced nappa cabbage, finely shredded kale, seaweed pre-soaked in hot water, chopped peanuts, etc…. Don’t let the fragile looking disks daunt you: You might ruin and have to discard a couple before you get the hang of it, but you will have fun learning and rolling, right on the job!


Kosher Fish Sauce

Fish Sauce

May 16th 2011By BadExampleMan

This is a home-made kosher substitute for Vietnamese (nuoc mam) or Thai (nam pla) fish sauce. To be honest it's not a great substitute, but it's acceptable if you need a kosher alternative or if you just can't find it in your neighborhood.