Sweet Potato Leek Soup

Sweet Potato Leek Soup

July 10th 2014By Jamie Geller

I love this sweet potato soup filled with the flavor of leeks, hearty and delish. Sweating is a cooking technique by which vegetables are cooked in a small amount of fat over low heat. The vegetables cook in their own juices and soften but do not brown.


Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup with Za’atar GF Crackers

sweet potato soup

March 3rd 2015By Jamie Geller

This soup will cook much faster if you cut your vegetables small, but if you have the time feel free to leave them large as you will be pureeing it anyway.


Sweet Potato and Carrot Bake

Sweet Potato and Carrot Bake

June 26th 2011By Jamie Geller


Roasted Sweet Potatoes


March 7th 2013By Naomi Nachman


Mango and Almond Yams

Mango and Almond Yams

July 26th 2011By Joy of Kosher


Curried Vegetable Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

stuffed sweet potatoes

October 17th 2012By Chef Laura Frankel

Sweets are also versatile and pair well with spices including curry flavors. If you have never tried curry, this is a great dish to experiment with. The sweets can be served as a side dish or light entrée. Oh, and yes, the skin is edible and even good for you!


Curried Eggplant


August 2nd 2011By Chef Laura Frankel

I use Japanese eggplant for a lot of my eggplant dishes. The intense color, slim profile and intense smoky flavor make it an excellent choice when looking for big flavor.