Quinoa Stuffed Potatoes with Artichokes and Basil

Quinoa Stuffed Potatoes with Artichokes and Basil

August 6th 2012By Joy of Kosher

Tthese quinoa stuffed potatoes do take a little time with baking the potato and all. But, they score big points with me because they can be made ahead and even frozen. I also like dishes that are super tasty for me, but easy to adjust to make kid-friendly. In the case of my boys, I left the artichokes and capers out and topped them with cheddar cheese.


Curried Vegetable Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

stuffed sweet potatoes

October 17th 2012By Chef Laura Frankel

Sweets are also versatile and pair well with spices including curry flavors. If you have never tried curry, this is a great dish to experiment with. The sweets can be served as a side dish or light entrée. Oh, and yes, the skin is edible and even good for you!