Veggie Liver Stuffed Mushrooms

vegan stuffed mushrooms

March 17th 2014By Tamar Genger MA, RD

Sabra only comes out with their Vegetarian Liver for Passover, so stock up while you can. It is really great on its own, on bread, matzo or crackers, but it also helps make the most delicious short cut stuffed mushrooms, you can't get easier than this fun and healthy appetizer that is gluten free and vegan.


Stuffed Mushrooms Studded with Salami

salmai stuffed mushrooms

December 11th 2014By Joy of Kosher

There are so many ways to make stuffed mushrooms, you can make them dairy, meat or parve and with every flavor you can imagine. The main constant is that you want to pull out the stems, chop them fine and sauté them with aromatics like onion and garlic. Thyme always goes particularly well with mushrooms, but you can use other herbs as well. For this recipe I decided to add a little extra flavor with Joburg's hard salami. When cut small and sautéed with the mushroom stems it acted almost like a bacon with a little extra spice from the peppercorns they stuff inside. These mushrooms were a real hit.