Truffle & Rosemary Popcorn

Truffle Rosemary Popcorn

December 28th 2013By Chaya Friedman

This version of popcorn is a staple for any party, yet pairs surprisingly well as a side for grilled fish or homemade artisan pizza!


Spinach Almond Croutons

spinach almond croutons

May 20th 2013By Tamar Genger MA, RD

These gluten free Spinach Almond Croutons could be enjoyed as a snack or on top of salads and soups. Get an extra does of nutrients with these croutons.


Rosemary Roasted Chickpeas


July 22nd 2013By Tamar Genger MA, RD

I have learned a lot about chickpeas and it seems most of the time soaking and not boiling them is the best way to go. I found this recipe for roasted chickpeas from @kosherrecipes on instagram and adapted it to make it parve, hers has Parmesan, so add it if you like, but really any flavoring would work and they are really amazing hot and fresh out of the oven.


Pigskin Puppies

Pigskin Puppies

January 31st 2011By ariyolkut

I like to make these for the Super Bowl, the most important thing to remember while watching the biggest football game of the year is that while the players get down and dirty on the field you should feel free to get down and dirty with your food. Forks and knives are for shabbos dinner not for Super Bowl Sunday.


Maple Roasted – Smoky Almonds

Maple Roasted Almonds

June 17th 2013By Hilary Goldenberg

These maple roasted- smoky almonds are definitely going to be made and served at every get together I host from now on. I sent a bag to my parents and they told me I should start selling them! Warning: these nuts are addictive.


Cran-Almond Treasures

Cran-Almond Treasures

May 18th 2010By Joy of Kosher

A yummy dessert snack with almonds, chocolate, cranberries and more.


Chocolate Cheese Snack

Chocolate Cheese Snack

June 27th 2011By Zippy Siedenfeld

These chocolate cheese snacks are easy to take along—bake them in individual disposable holders so they’re neat and easy to transport. I tried three different cheesecake recipes to find the one that works best—and once again, Malky Vorhand’s won hands down.


Caramel Popcorn Mix

Caramel Popcorn

July 25th 2013By Seven Bites

A fun sweet and salty snack is always nice for your day in the sun. Some regular butter popcorn is great for the movies, but mixing in some caramel is great way to take something simple and make it different. Candy tends to melt in your bag if left in the sun for more than an hour. Caramel popcorn allows you to taste that sweetness of a candy without having the hassle of it melting. Traveling to the beach means taking a large bag to fit your beach towel, sunscreen, hat, etc. Packing food like fruits or foods that come in large Tupperware’s can become overwhelming. Popcorn is a very light and travel friendly snack that fits well for a beach occasion.


Bombay Popcorn

Bombay Popcron

June 8th 2010By Joy of Kosher

Make homemade popcorn with delicious Indian flavors.