Yael’s Chocolate S’manwiches

Yael's Chocolate S'manwiches

August 11th 2010By Tamar Genger MA, RD

My friend Yael made these with home made marshmallows and everyone went wild, so good, next we want to try it with home made graham crackers.


Watermelon Smores


July 6th 2011By Joy of Kosher

Watermelon, fudge sauce and mini-marshwallows: Oh my!


Tropical S’mores

Tropical S'mores

July 25th 2011By Joy of Kosher

A traditional fireside treat goes tropical.


Toasted S’more Pound Cake


March 7th 2011By admin


Smores Pop Tarts

smores pop tarts

March 28th 2011By Melinda Strauss

There isn’t much I can really say about how good these taste! You just have to try the recipe for yourself. It is so much fun and you get to play with your food. Check out www.kitchentested.wordpress.com for more of my recipes.


Smore’s Brownies

smores brownies

August 9th 2012By bethanyshondark

A deliciously easy and crowd pleasing favorite. I've included the recipe for the low-fat version of the Duncan Hines version, feel free to use the regular instead. I find that my guests can't tell the difference, and with the added ingredients with the smores, the low-fat version helps offset the added calories.


S’more Tart

smore tart 647

May 7th 2012By Shoshana Ohriner

This tart contains a homemade marshmallow layer. I highly recommend taking the time to make the marshmallows, because they are so much better than store bought. However, if you are short on time (or have a hard time finding real kosher gelatin) the tart would also be tasty topped with packaged marshmallows. There won’t be a smooth layer on top, but they will still be toasty and delicious. Put the packaged marshmallows on the ganache layer when it is partially, but not fully set, so that they will stick.


S’more Cookies


S’mores Brownies

smores brownies

October 16th 2011By Nina Sapir


S’more Squares


March 7th 2011By admin


S’more Mousse Cake


March 7th 2011By admin


S’more Cake


March 7th 2011By admin


Popcorn S’mores


March 7th 2011By admin


Grilled S’more Sandwiches

Grilled S'More Sandwich

June 30th 2011By Shoshana Ohriner


Golden Graham S’mores


March 7th 2011By admin


Gimme S’more Dessert


March 7th 2011By admin


Double Chocolate S’mores


March 7th 2011By admin


Crescent S’more Puffs


March 7th 2011By admin


Coffee And Fudge Smore Ice Cream Cake


March 7th 2011By admin


Caramel Rocky Road S’mores Bars


March 7th 2011By admin