What, a Shavuot Recipe that Isn’t Cheesecake!?!

Roasted Veggie Pizza

May 5th 2010By Emuna Braverman

Not every recipe for Shavuos has to involve cheesecake (although I personally don’t mind if they do!) In fact, not every recipe for Shavuos has to involve dessert! Here is a possible fun main course option – pizza! I like this grilled vegetable version but I would probably make a plain one also for the kids and other finicky eaters.


Three Delicious Ice Cream Recipes

Mint Cookie Ice Cream

May 24th 2011By Shoshana Ohriner

In my mind there is nothing that screams “summer” more than a big dish of homemade ice cream. One taste of freshly churned ice cream and I feel like I should be sitting outside on a big porch swing enjoying a warm summer day. Even if in reality it is the middle of winter and cold outside.


The Perfect Shavuos Menu

Four Cheese Flatbread

May 27th 2011By Jamie Geller

Shavuos is just around the corner. Quick – what do you think of first? Me too. Images of cheesecakes start dancing before my eyes, calling my name as they do every year. I love them and they love me so much they just plant themselves on my hips, forever – now that’s love. This year Shavuos begins the evening of June 7 and ends the evening of the 9th. I wonder, how many cheesecakes I can squeeze into 48 hours?


Recipes for an Italian Shavuot

Mini lemon souffle in a white ramekin over a black plate

May 25th 2011By Alessandra Rovati

Italians love cheese and Shavuot is the perfect holiday to showcase their cuisine.


Cheese To Your Health


June 2nd 2011By Tamar Genger MA, RD

The holiday of Shavuot is fast approaching. If you are a type A personality your menu has been planned for weeks… And if you are not, there is still some time and some great ideas. So ditch the chicken and chuck the cholent! It is time to think outside the meat box and start spinning the cheese wheel.


15 Italian Recipes for Shavuot

italy shavuot

May 21st 2014By Rivka Lieberman