Passover Seder Lemon Wine Poached Chicken

Passover Seder Lemon and Wine Poached Chicken

February 20th 2013By Jamie Geller

This Passover Poached chicken is the perfect answer to your Seder Menu, moist and delicious. It’s not too hard to be an easy breezy gourmet if you know how to combine flavors like lemon and white wine, master poaching (simple, see below) and make it your mission to cook with all the adorable mini veggies on the market, like baby carrots and pearl onions.


Lamb Tajine with Dried Fruit & Almonds

Lamb Tajine

March 7th 2013By Levana Kirschenbaum

Growing up, lamb was our favorite treat. No need to get the expensive cuts: Lamb shanks or shoulder (alsocalled chuck) are reasonably priced and will do the job beautifully. The pairing of lamb with dried fruit and nuts simply can’t be beat, and the preparation is quite streamlined.