Veal Milanese topped with field greens and grape tomato salad

Veal Milanese

July 27th 2011By June Hersh

This dish is Italy's answer to Austria's schnitzel. Paper- thin slices of veal cutlet are dipped in a coating of egg and seasoned bread crumbs, fried quickly and served simply. This recipe features field greens and grape tomato salad, which top the finished cutlet. This is the perfect dish for a warm summer night and a great opportunity to use your garden fresh greens and tomatoes. Behind the Counter: Have your butcher cut the veal scallopini style into paper-thin slices. When pounded they should almost be transparent. Alternate cuts: Chicken or turkey cutlets. For a dramatic presentation, use center cut or 2nd cut veal chops, pounded to ¼ -inch thick. Have your butcher, french the bone for a more elegant finish.


Turkey Schnitzel

A Turkey Schnitzel Thanksgiving for a small crowd

November 17th 2011By Chef Laura Frankel

Don’t want to find endless ways to use up turkey leftovers? Don’t want to baby-sit a whole turkey? Try a crispy-savory schnitzel. I love quick-easy to make schnitzels. I often make them out of the usual chicken and veal. Then, I got crazy one day and made duck schnitzel and it was a hit. See my first cookbook JEWISH COOKING FOR ALL SEASONS (John Wiley and Sons). So, why not turkey? Fast, easy crunchy and no troubling leftovers. I love it!


Stuffed Chicken

Kishka Stuffed Chicken

September 8th 2011By jkessler48

This is one of our family's favorite chicken recipes and is especially good for Rosh Hashana. When I made this for a cooking class, this turned out to be the favorite of all the foods that my wife and I made.


Sesame Honey Chicken


September 8th 2011By malkz

This recipe is fairly easy to prepare and has spread among our family as a traditional Rosh Hashana recipe. It comes out moist and delicious.


Roman Saltimbocca

Roman Saltimbocca

November 30th 2011By Alessandra Rovati

The traditional Roman recipe for Saltimbocca (literally “jump in your mouth”) uses bresaola, a type of “kosher prosciutto” made from a lean cut of beef cured in spices and salt and left to hang for a month. Until kosher bresaola or goose “prosciutto” becomes available in the States, you can replace it with good-quality Hungarian salami, very thinly sliced—but don’t tell any purists, especially Romans!


Potato Chip Cutlets


February 22nd 2012By Rochelle Rothman


Pesach Pecan Crusted Chicken

Pecan Crusted Chicken

April 21st 2011By admin


Hush Puppy Chicken


September 20th 2011By Susie Fishbein

I remember Sunday night family dinners at the deli. Hush puppies, knish encrusted hot dogs on a stick, a kid’s soul food, was always on my crave list. This chicken dish reminds me of that delicacy with an adult twist.


Honey Mustard Chicken Cutlets


September 13th 2011By Melinda Strauss


Crunchy Corn Chicken Fingers

corn flake chicken crispy

March 9th 2012By Sina Mizrahi


Chicken Pastrami Rolls


November 9th 2011By Jamie Geller