Thai Salmon Fish Cakes

thai fish cakes

March 28th 2012By The Kosher Butcher's Wife

With the ever-increasing variety of new kosher products available, twists on traditional foods have enabled us to follow food trends, while keeping within tradition. Each festival brings its own unique customs and traditions with regards to food and this certainly doesn't mean 'old fashioned' foods. Who would have thought we would ever eat Thai fishcakes on Pesach? When you've had your fill of gefilte fish and need a little change, try these.


Baked Salmon Croquettes

salmon croquettes

April 3rd 2014By MeganWolfRD

While gefilte fish is a Passover staple, we have more non-gefilte fish eaters in our family than gefilte fish eaters. As a pescatarian, I am often looking for non-meat options to serve at our family’s seder. This year, I will be making these Salmon Croquettes in place of gefilte fish. With many of the same flavors and ingredients, this is an easy, timesaving and nutritious alternative.