The Spice Merchant’s Arancini


March 18th 2015By Alessandra Rovati

Arancini (“little oranges”) are one of the most beloved examples of Southern Italian “street food”. Perfect to recycle risotto leftovers, they consist of meat- or cheese-stuffed rice balls coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried. Arancini are very similar to a specialty found in Naples and Rome, suppli’ – more elongated tomato risotto croquettes filled with mozzarella. Arancini are said to have originated in 10th century Sicily, which at the time was under Arab rule ( an experience which is still reflected in the island’s food, particularly the decadent desserts). So I thought it would be fun to combine them with another famous Sicilian dish, Caponata (now available ready made from Sabra) which, like the saffron, highlights a different influence on the Sicilian cuisine, that of Spain. Add some cumin, mint, and a the unique rich flavor of lamb, and you have a dish that is at the same time authentically Italian and reminiscent of North Africa and the Middle East. Buon appetito!


Spicy Turkish Tilapia

Turkish Tilapia85

March 16th 2015By Sina Mizrahi

This super easy absolutely delicious tilapia fish dinner will amaze your taste buds. The perfect answer to what is for dinner tonight with less than 5 ingredients.


Spanish Eggplant and Potato Frittata

Sabra Frittata85

March 19th 2015By May I have that recipe

This recipe is a take on a famous tapa from Spain: Tortilla de patatas. With this recipe you can either make one large frittata using a 10-11 inch skillet or 4 small frittatas using a small 5 1/2 inch skillet. Small frittatas are easier to flip. IF YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE FLIPPING A FRITTATA WE RECOMMEND YOU USE THE BAKING METHOD SPECIFIED IN THE COOKING INSTRUCTIONS.


Roasted Chicken Thighs with Grilled Eggplant and Mint


Parsley Crusted Salmon over Spanish Eggplant

Parsley Salmon Over Eggplant85

March 3rd 2015By Jamie Geller

This is the best fish recipe to add to your rotation. Dress up your weekday salmon recipe with parsley and serve it over a bed of Sabra Spanish eggplant, dinner never came this easy.


Lowfat Kale & Potato Spiral Fillo Bourekas

Sabra Bourekas85

March 19th 2015By BusyInBrooklyn

I love bourekas but they don't always love me! Traditionally made with puff pastry, bourekas can be quite fattening. In this recipe, I use lowfat fillo dough and cooking spray for a flaky crust that's truly low in fat. To keep the filling creamy without added fat, I use ready made matbucha, plus some kale for even more healthy goodness.


Lamb and Swiss Chard Shakshuka


Israeli Green Beans with Matbucha

Matbucha Green Beans2

June 25th 2015By Sina Mizrahi

Soft cooked green beans with a spicy tomato pepper sauce can be served with chicken or fish. The vegetable side reheats well and taste great.


Healthy Recipe Ideas You Will Love – Featuring Tomato and Eggplant


Grilled Eggplant and Roasted Pepper Salad with Preserved Lemon

Grilled Eggplant Salad85

March 16th 2015By Sina Mizrahi

Serve this dressed up eggplant salad with crunchy matzo on Passover. It is colorful and tasty and comes together in minutes using Sabra grilled eggplant.


Beef Moussaka with Matbucha