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sabra food blogger dinner

February 23rd 2015By Joy of Kosher


Watch Parsley Crusted Salmon Over Spanish Eggplant

watch parsley crusted salmon with spanish eggplant

March 3rd 2015By Jamie Geller


Shortcut Matbucha Shakshuka Video *Giveaway*

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March 26th 2014By Jamie Geller


RSVP for #ShareSabra Passover Twitter Party and WIN


April 1st 2014By Joy of Kosher


RSVP for #ShareSabra Passover Twitter Party

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March 8th 2015By Joy of Kosher


Passover Refrigerator Stocking Tips

18 days until passover

March 16th 2015By Sharoni Ozeri


Israeli Style Tuna


March 31st 2014By BusyInBrooklyn

I have always loved that saucy Israeli style tuna that's perfect when I get tired of the boring old tuna & mayo combo. Sabra's turkish salad makes preparing this recipe a cinch! And, it's even Kosher for Passover!


Duct Tape Craft To Dress Your Table

duct tape containers

April 13th 2014By not2shabbey


Dress It Up: Matzah Pizza Recipes *Giveaway*

avocado matzah pizza

April 9th 2014By Jamie Geller


DIY – Baked Root Vegetable Chips

diy root veg chips

April 2nd 2014By Sina Mizrahi


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A Unique Méditerranéen Pizza

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May 19th 2015By Jamie Geller


A Mom’s Guide To Super Bowl

Mediterranean Dairy Lavash Nachos

January 23rd 2015By Natalia Sloam


5 Ways To Swap The Mayo with Babaganoush

Babagnoush Egg Salad85

April 1st 2015By Joy of Kosher