Vineyard Chicken

Vineyard Chicken85

March 18th 2015By Alessandra Rovati


Summer’s Bounty: Home Grown Herbs

Herbed Sea Bass

July 26th 2011By Alison and Jeff Nathan

Jeff loves to enhance his dishes with home grown herbs


Salmon With Pine Nuts, Rosemary and Orange


March 20th 2015By Helen Goldrein

This salmon stays deliciously moist under its crispy, nutty crust. Serve with orange wedges to squeeze over.


Hearty Kale-Bean Soup

Hearty Kale-Bean Soup8

February 13th 2015By Dini Delivers


Easy Tips for Using, Storing and Growing Herbs


August 11th 2011By Rochelle Rothman


Apricot Glazed Duck Confit

Apricot Glazed Duck Confit85

March 9th 2015By Seven Bites

We used Grow & Behold's Duck Legs for this recipe. The classic way for duck legs to be prepared is "confit", which is a French culinary method of cooking the duck in its own fat. This slow-cook technique allows the duck to become very tender and rich tasting. All of Grow & Behold's products are Glatt Kosher and pasture raised. As soon as the birds are large enough to be moved outside, they spend their entire lives on grass. They live in spacious, movable pens that are moved each day allowing them to access a growing salad bar of natural food. The birds are also fed a special blend of non-GMO food.