The Wonder of Wontons

Wonton Chips with Edamame Dip

May 31st 2011By Jamie Geller

It was my second Rosh Hashanah as a married woman, and I decided that I actually wanted to cook something. If you know my history as Queen of Take-Out, you understand the magnitude of such a decision. At that stage, I was beginning to fill the cooking void in my soul, and I wanted to try something fancy. I made wontons filled with ground meat and dropped them into my chicken soup. So beyond the traditional matzo ball, I thought happily. And I had a good measure of beginner’s luck too, because it actually worked. everyone oohed and ahhed as though I had produced something truly exotic.


Ravioli with Fire-Roasted Tomatoes and Olives

Ravioli with Fire-Roasted Tomatoes and Olives

June 17th 2010By Joy of Kosher

Spice up your traditional Ravioli recipe with these delicious ingredients, including fresh tomatoes.


Ravioli in Broth

Ravioli in Broth

September 2nd 2013By Alessandra Rovati

Homemade ravioli is a lot of work, so I save it for special occasions, but I make a lot because it freezes so well. Enjoy this meat ravioli in broth for a holiday meal.


Pockets Of Surprise – DIY Kreplach Recipes

short rib ravioli

March 10th 2014By Chef Laura Frankel