Dress Up Yourselves and Your Table with These Easy Crafts

purim costume image - hr

February 21st 2012By Rivky Koenig


Do It Yourself Purim Cooking

Do It Yourself Purim Cooking

March 3rd 2009By Felisa Billet

Purim is all about being creative. Though it's easy to buy candy and bakery hamantashen, go the extra mile by making unexpected treats your friends will remember.


DIY Kosher – Purim Crafts, Costumes & Mishloach Manot

DIY Kosher – Purim Crafts, Costumes & Mishloach Manot

February 21st 2010By Felisa Billet


Creative Mishloach Manot From Recycled Containers

Minolta DSC

February 26th 2012By CreativeJewishMom


Chocolate Goodness From M&M Designs

purim m&m2

February 14th 2012By Hadassah Sabo Milner


Cheating Hamentashen (Hamantash)

cake batter hamantashen

February 14th 2011By maxine

Delicious traditional Purim treat. When it's time to mix, do it with your hands.


Candy-Inspired Desserts


March 14th 2011By Jamie Geller

I was flipping through Martha Stewart mag and I saw a piece on candy- inspired desserts. What a great idea – a sophisticated spin on a candy bar! Anytime I see something that makes my mouth water, I’m gonna remember it, but this time I also cut it out and saved it in my Purim folder. Pulled it up last week and created a “Snickers Cheesecake” just for you. Well, ok, it’s really for me, but I’m willing to share.


Ask the Rabbi – What is Purim?


February 20th 2012By Rabbi Lawrence


Asian Themed Mishloach Manot


A Purim Seudah To Celebrate


A Mexican Seudah


A Cowboy Themed Menu

cowboy themed menu

February 26th 2014By Jamie Geller


8 Reasons Why Latkes Are Better Than Hamentashen

8 Reasons Why Latkes Are Better Than Hamentashen

November 25th 2009By Jay Eidelman


5 Unexpected Hamantaschen Flavors

Gingerbread Hamantaschen with Spiced Apple Filling

February 18th 2015By Rivka Lieberman


5 Savory Hamantashen Inspired Menus

5 Hamantashen Inspired Menus

March 5th 2014By Rivka Lieberman


5 Salad Ideas for Your Seudah


February 6th 2012By Tamar Genger MA, RD


20 Unique Hamantashen Recipes

Peanut Butter and Jelly Hamentaschen

February 19th 2014By Rivka Lieberman


1500 NEW RECIPES!!!!


March 8th 2011By Jamie Geller

Yesterday we put up FIFTEEN HUNDRED new recipes on our website. That’s 1500 new ideas for you – main dishes, side dishes, desserts and appetizers and everything in between. You name it, we have it. Have a meander through our recipe section or search for specific topic in the search box. Purim is coming – just around the corner. Need some ideas?


10 Mishloach Manot (Shalach Manos) Ideas


February 11th 2015By Rivka Lieberman


10 Candy Recipes for Purim

10 Candy Recipes for Purim

February 26th 2014By Rivka Lieberman