Empanadas de Calabasa

Empanada de Calabasa2

August 21st 2013By Avi Levy

Enjoy these Turkish Borekas/Empanada with pumpkin filling. They make a perfect appetizer and a Rosh Hashanah Siman. “May it be your will, L-rd our G-d, and G-d of our Fathers, to tear up our evil decree and let out see our merits before you.” The Hebrew word for a gourd or squash is Kere similar to the word for tear – kria. The dough or masa as it’s called, is different in Turkish borekas than the flaky fillo dough found in most borekas. The Turkish dough is more like an empanada, it’s really wonderful and is something I grew up with. My Turkish grandfather would make all sorts of borekas in his home in Philadelphia and then send down ‘care packages’ to us in Florida. Anyway, you can make your own dough or just buy some premade sambusak dough, usually found in the freezer case of your local kosher store. It’s close but not the real deal. Here’s the recipe for the masa (boreka dough).