Turkey Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato Topping


February 5th 2013By Susie Fishbein

An old childhood favorite of mine gets a makeover for the year 2012! The gorgeous sweet potato crust hides a healthy and delicious turkey filling, a nice change from the less-healthy ground beef of its ancestors.


Pizza Pot Pie

pizza pot pie

February 12th 2014By Dini Delivers

If you love pizza, this dish is for you! Served in an untraditional way, and filled with a unique blend of vegetables, both adults and kids will be excited for dinner. Feel free to substitute your favorite vegetables for the ones in the recipe.


Make a Healthier Pot Pie

chicken pot pie main

October 7th 2013By Rena Tuchinsky


Healthy Chicken Pot Pie

chicken pot pie main

October 7th 2013By Rena Tuchinsky

You can use my healthy crust below or use just a few phyllo dough sheets on the top instead. They are lower in calories than puff pastry.


Cornish Pasties

Cornish Pasty

October 26th 2011By Ronnie Fein

The Cornish Pasty recipe is an old fashioned favorite. You can swap ingredients – use chicken and sweet potato, for example.


Chicken Potato and Leek Pie

Manischewitz Chicken Pot Pie

April 4th 2013By Joy of Kosher

A kosher pot pie with amazing versatility using Manischewitz broth and finalist for the 2013 Cook-off.


Chicken Pot Pie

breezy's chicken pot pie

December 25th 2012By Breezy Schwartz

When you place the chicken pot pie in the oven put it on a cookie sheet or in a large pan, the foil will be loose and wobbly when you’re taking it out and there is nothing worse inside your oven.


British Beef Hand Pies, aka Cornish Pasties

British Beef Hand Pies

November 17th 2014By Chef Tami Weiser

This is a meal in dish—and you can make this pie-like, flaky, and tender pastry the day (or night) before and the stew up to 5 days before. I also make mini versions for catered events—and I often add a spicy hot South Indian-style curry. Allow time to chill the dough for at least 1 hour or up to overnight. Keep calm and make pasties!