Watermelon Pie A La Mode

Watermelon Pie A La Mode

July 6th 2011By Joy of Kosher

A new twist on a classic favorite.


The Post Thanksgiving Hand Pie

leftover turkey cornish pasty

November 17th 2014By Chef Tami Weiser

After the weekend Thanksgiving cooking-fest, my refrigerator is bursting with leftovers. I often make a variation on Cornish pasties, or hand pies, that are different enough to appeal to those weary of the same Thanksgiving redux. It’s a day-after-the-day-after recipe, when you have odds and ends left over. Allow time to chill the dough for at least 1 hour or up to overnight. Allow time to chill the dough for at least 1 hour or up to overnight.


Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

May 16th 2011By Chef Laura Frankel

I love homey fruit desserts. Nothing says comfort like the smell of a fruit crisp baking in the oven. This dessert can be made for Shabbat and can be served cold or warmed for Shabbat lunch.


Spongata (Double Crusted Honey Nut Pie)

Spongata (Double Crusted Honey Nut Pie)

September 1st 2013By Alessandra Rovati

This dessert tastes like baklava in a pie form. (You can also use packaged frozen pareve pastry dough.) Use a 9-inch tart pan with a removable bottom.


Pluot Tart

Pluot Tart

July 28th 2014By Shifra Klein

Instead of plums try plots in this summer tart, easy and relish.


Persimmon Tart

Persimmon tart

October 11th 2013By Shifra Klein

Persimmons are only in season for a short time, so grab them while you can and get cooking. This Persimmon tart is simple and easy and highlights the amazing flavor of the persimmon.


Green Tomato Pie


August 26th 2011By Ronnie Fein


Fig and Raspberry Rustic Tart

Fig Raspberry

June 23rd 2011By Chef Laura Frankel

The pistachio cream filling is delicious and decadent. This rustic tart is easy to put together and I have broken it into steps. All of the steps can be done ahead of time and in all cases days ahead of time. The tart dough is supple and easy to roll out and will not crumble. No fear with this dough! This festive summer dessert is a crowd pleaser.


Crostata Di Ricotta

Crostata Di Ricotta

April 20th 2012By Alessandra Rovati


Chocolate Pretzel Crust Tart

Chocolate Pretzel Crust Tart

January 9th 2011By Jamie Geller


Chocolate Infinity Pie


Cherry and Almond Galette

cherry and almond galette

July 27th 2014By Chef Laura Frankel

I wait all season for the tart cherries. They are brightly flavored and taste like …a cherry! The sweeter cherries just don’t have the oomph that the tart variety does. While not great for eating out of hand, tart cherries are amazing and complex in baked items and in ice cream and jams.


/RECIPE/ Caramel Pear Lattice Pie

Week 3 featured image

November 23rd 2014By J.O.K Taster