Glazed Pear Tart

Glazed Pear Tart

August 27th 2013By Joy of Kosher

This pear tart is an example of European-style pastry at its best. The filling is a rich and seductive almond paste known as Frangipane. Its name comes from the Italian expression frangere il pane, meaning "break the bread". The pears in this tart beautifully soak up the sweet syrup.


Frangipane Tart with Amaretto & Honey Poached Pears

Frangipane Tart with Amaretto Honey Poached Pears

April 19th 2012By Jaclynn Lewis

Rich and cake-like almond filling encircles whole pears, half-poached to tender-crisp perfection, and baked into a buttery (yet paerve!), melt-in-your mouth shortcrust to create a gorgeous medley of fall-friendly flavors. With a quick brush of sweet Amaretto-honey syrup and a sprinkle of crunchy toasted almond slices, you’ve got a rustic and delicious gourmet tart that is truly a work of art.