Witlof, pear, rocket, parmesan and cranberry salad

Witlof, pear, rocket, parmesan and cranberry salad

July 12th 2011By Joy of Kosher


Spicy Pomegranate Baked Pears

Spicy Pomegranate Baked Pears

July 20th 2011By Joy of Kosher


Pear Cake

Pear Cake85

February 10th 2015By Alessandra Rovati

Cooking the cake in a crock pot results in a moist cake with a unique taste and comforting texture. Decorate with powdered sugar and serve warm, accompanied by ice cream or a warm vanilla custard.


Pear and Zucchini Muffins

pear zucchini muffins

October 7th 2011By Rachelle Ferneau

These muffins combine the goodness of both fruit and veggies. Mild zucchini lends itself very well to baked goods, and blends subtly with the pears to keep the muffins very moist and tender.


Lamb Stew with Apricots, Pear, and Mint

Lamb Stew85

March 3rd 2015By Paula Shoyer

Moti Yitzhaky was an auto mechanic before he opened Moti’s Market and Grill in Rockville, Maryland, which now provides our community with a full-service kosher butcher, baker, and grocery store, all in one. He applies the same precision from his former career to recipe development and has created flavorful food inspired by his Moroccan ancestry and beyond. Moti gave me a recipe that was the inspiration for this one, a hearty stew brightened up for spring with fresh pear and mint.


Jams, Salsas and Chutneys **GIVEAWAY**

Pear Chutney

May 18th 2011By Jamie Geller

Jams, salsas and chutneys add zing to even the most boring foods. Though they originated in different parts of the world (England, Mexico and India respectively), they are all essentially sauces made from fruits, vegetables or herbs and/or spices. It seems that in every culture there’s a need to spice up food with something gooey. They all belong to the same family, so to speak – and I love family (even more than I love food).


Healthy Sweets for your Sukkah

Triple Apple Muffins

October 7th 2011By Rachelle Ferneau


Caramel Pear Lattice Pie

Caramel Pear Lattice Pie

October 12th 2011By Jamie Geller


Apple Pear Crunch

Healhty Apple Pear Crunch

November 30th 2011By Neshe Antelis


/RECIPE/ Caramel Pear Lattice Pie

Week 3 featured image

November 23rd 2014By J.O.K Taster