Strawberry Shortcakes with Coconut Whipped Cream

non dairy strawberry shortcake

May 1st 2013By Chavi Sperber

The coconut whipped cream in this recipe tastes so incredibly good, you won't believe that it's pareve. Use this recipe to replace any whipped cream for your guests who are vegan, soy free, or those who just don't want to eat the chemicals known as non-dairy whipped topping. If using frozen strawberries, make sure to only buy the Bodek PREMIUM frozen strawberries, which come in re-sealable black and peach bags in the frozen aisle of your kosher supermarket. These strawberries are pretty enough for garnishes, even though they are frozen. Other frozen strawberries won’t be as nice. Make sure to follow the directions for defrosting them, so that they retain their naturally pretty shapes.


Room for Dessert – 4 Rosh Hashanah Cakes

cake opener

August 31st 2012By Paula Shoyer


Passion Fruit Cream Cornucopias


January 1st 2015By BusyInBrooklyn

Puff pastry cornucopias are filled with a dairy-free pastry cream that's spiked with Morad's passion fruit wine - a delicious celebration of harvest season.


Learn To Melt Chocolate For Parve Chocolate Desserts

chocolate desserts

September 17th 2013By Shifra Klein


In the joyofkosher Kitchen with Paula Shoyer


September 12th 2010By admin


Decorated Brownie Bites

Decorated non dairy Brownie Bites

November 27th 2013By Paula Shoyer

These non dairy brownie bites get a colorful decoration that brings them to another level for presentation. They are great treats to fill your mishloach manot. You can decorate them with colored sugars, sprinkles, nonpareils, crushed candies, or nuts.


Chocolate Chocolate Cookies with Cookie Crumbs

chocolate chocolate cookies

April 12th 2013By Tamar Genger MA, RD

These are way too decadent for my normal fare, but when I had cookie crumbs that didn't make it as a cookie I had to try it in this recipe and they were so good I had to share it. Just save for special occasions.


Almond and Olive Oil Cake

Almond Olive Oil Cake

November 26th 2013By Paula Shoyer

The use of olive oil in cakes dates back farther than the Chanukah story itself. Olive oil was used in baked offerings at the Temple. This is a super easy teatime cake that reminds me of simple cakes I have eaten in Italy. If you are feeling decadent, serve this with whipped cream.