Non Dairy Tiramisu

May 27th 2011By Levana Kirschenbaum

Italian for “pick-me-up”, probably because it puts together three of our favorite intense robust flavors: rum, chocolate and coffee (please don’t try to substitute any of them!). This dessert is so fabulous that I never bother to make the original dairy version. It’s also healthier, thanks to my staunch ally tofu. When you serve it, don’t tell anybody about the tofu until they have tasted and raved about it. That said, you can make this dessert dairy by replacing the tofu and tofu cream cheese with an 8 ounce container of cream cheese and a pint of plain yogurt, and proceeding with the recipe exactly as instructed. It is fine to use good store-bought sponge cake. Although sponge cake is not as pretty as ladyfingers, I prefer it because it maintains its shape better when soaked in the espresso and brandy. Lining the mold with plastic wrap allows very easy unmolding, just pull up the sides and the cake will lift right up. The chocolate must be only the best, meaning, real chocolate, as always! To chop chocolate, scrape the block vertically with a sharp knife: it will fall off in little shards or curls. Once you have all the ingredients in place, the dessert takes only a few minutes to assemble. Try your best to make this dessert a few hours before serving time, or even the day before, in order to give the dessert ample time to soak up all the flavors.