Spiked Mandel Bread


July 27th 2011By June Hersh

This traditional German cookie, contributed from Judy Prussin derives its almond flavor from a nice dose of Amaretto, which pairs with a variety of dried fruit and nuts. Mandel bread is biscotti, without good PR. They are a twice baked, stand up to a tall iced coffee, crunchy, chocolaty delight.


Sautéed Fennel With Almonds


Salad with Roasted Garlic Dressing and Toasted Hazelnuts

hazelnut salad

October 28th 2014By Tamar Genger MA, RD

I love the flavors of hazelnuts and sage, especially in the fall. Top that off with a rich roasted garlic dressing and you’ve got yourself the perfect salad.


Rocky Road Cookies

Rocky Road Cookie85

March 27th 2015By Melissa Kaye Apter

These cookies are my sister’s favorite Passover cookies. I bake all my Passover cookies during the week before Passover, and these cookies tend to get eaten as I bake them. The original recipe calls for walnuts, but I love the buttery, sweet flavor that toasted pecans give these cookies, so that’s what I prefer.


Nutty & Decadent Quinoa Bars

Nutty & Decadent Quinoa Bars

December 9th 2011By Joy of Kosher

These quinoa bars were an over the top hit at my house. They are the perfect combination of sweet and slightly salty and are the perfect example of decadence with quinoa.


Moroccan Charoset Balls


July 14th 2011By Lauren Dadoun

Moroccans rolls charoset into balls and place individual servings on each plate. That’s what I always remembered in my grandmother’s home, and that’s what I do today. When I first got married, for the first 10 years, my family and I would travel back to Montreal to spend the holiday. When I started making my own Pesach, I called my mother, not knowing what to do or what recipes to use. This is my great grandmother’s authentic charoset recipe, straight from Casablanca.


Mixed Nut Chocolate Torte


Mimi’s Chocolate Salami Recipe


Maple Roasted – Smoky Almonds

Maple Roasted Almonds

June 17th 2013By Hilary Goldenberg

These maple roasted- smoky almonds are definitely going to be made and served at every get together I host from now on. I sent a bag to my parents and they told me I should start selling them! Warning: these nuts are addictive.


Make-Your-Own Snack Mix

Make-Your-Own Snack Mix

July 23rd 2011By Joy of Kosher

Making your own snack mix can be healthier and less expensive than buying it


Linzer Tart

Linzer Tart85

March 3rd 2015By Paula Shoyer

This recipe may be the reason you buy a rolling pin for Passover. In a pinch, a wine bottle works very well. You can make this dessert with any flavor jam you like. Sometimes I spread a red jam on half the crust and apricot jam on the other half. I use a pastry cutter, a small fluted wheel on a handle, to cut the dough strips to achieve a ridged look, but you can use a knife instead. The crust requires 3 cups of three different kinds of ground nuts; if you do not have enough of one type, you can substitute another.




February 25th 2015By Vida Leveim


Dried Fruit and Nut Scones

Dried Fruit and Nut Scones

May 6th 2010By Joy of Kosher

If you like dried fruit and nuts, then you will love this scone recipe!


Chocolate-Raisin-Nut Babka

Chocolate-Raisin-Nut Babka

April 15th 2015By Ronnie Fein


Chocolate Cookie Pie Crust


7 Fruit Charoset from Surinam


July 14th 2011By Joy of Kosher

Coconut is the base of Surinam charoset; the ingredients reflect the tropical source of this recipe. Originally, Surinam cherries were simmered and added to the fresh fruits. Today, since most cherries available do not have the same taste, cherry jam is used instead. Some families replace one or two of the ingredients with peaches or pineapple. Like other Sepharadim, Surinamese Jews wouldn’t only make charoset for the seder— they make enough to eat all week long with matzah.