Risotto with Wild Mushrooms

Risotto with Wild Mushrooms

October 10th 2010By Joy of Kosher

Making risotto in a pressure cooker is so easy and quick and this one has so much flavor from the mushrooms it does not miss the cheese.


Rainbow Coleslaw

creamy rainbow coleslaw

February 25th 2014By Jamie Geller

I now share my new absolute all-time favorite coleslaw recipe. I will never buy coleslaw again (unless of course I don’t have time to make this!). Variation: Don’t have tofu cream cheese on hand, or don’t care for it? Use tofu sour cream instead. Although if you don’t care for the pareve cream cheese I am guessing the sour cream is off your list too. Easy enough, just use 2/3 cup mayo and call it a day. Also try adding half a red onion thinly sliced for a slight bite.


Passover Chocolate Quinoa Cake


April 4th 2014By free.the.gluten

This gluten free, non dairy cake can be made on Passover and all year round and uses leftover cooked quinoa. Everyone that tasted it was shocked that it was gluten free and that it was made from cooked quiona - you must try it.


Pareve Tzatziki


July 21st 2011By Tamar Genger MA, RD

Traditionally tzatziki, a great dip for veggies and chips is made with Greek yogurt. I have found that the tofutti sour cream makes an excellent substitute.


Non Dairy Olive Oil Gelato


August 8th 2013By Tamar Genger MA, RD

This olive oil ice cream may sound odd, but I guarantee you will love this ice cream and no one will no it is not dairy. You must use a good quality flavorful olive oil to make this ice cream, but it is a great use and you will wow everyone at your table. This is of course a sometimes food, but filled with good fats and so rich and satisfying a little goes a long way. The ice cream sits well for a couple of days in the freezer.


Non Dairy Beet Green Casserole

non dairy beet green casserole

October 21st 2013By Tamar Genger MA, RD

This beet green casserole can really be made with any hardy winter green, I think escarole, chard and kale would all work well. If you are making dairy you can probably add cheese, but it really does not need it. It sits well and reheats great and is a perfect substitute for a Green Bean Casserole.




July 8th 2013By Tamar Genger MA, RD

Horchata is a beverage made from ground nuts, seeds and/or grains usually mixed with cinnamon and other spices and served over ice. I prefer it a little thicker with a lot of cinnamon. There will be little bits of the rice and nuts that settle to the bottom. I like it this way and enjoy the little chunkiness of the drink enjoyed through a straw, but if you want it clear of sediment, you can strain again with an extra layer of cheesecloth.


Curry, Caramel, Coconut and Chocolate Tart *Dear Coco Giveaway*

Four "C" Tart with Gluten-Free Crust

December 24th 2013By Rachelle Ferneau