What’s ‘In Store’ for Passover? Advice for Healthy Holiday Eating

7 Yummiest Passover Treats

March 12th 2010By Bonnie Taub-Dix


Sabra Turkish Salad Matzah Pizza


Passover Chocolate: Matzel Toff! Premium Confections


March 3rd 2010By Jamie Geller


Nutritious, Delicious & Kosher: Pass Over the White Stuff this Passover


February 28th 2010By Bonnie Taub-Dix


Meat Matzo Pizza


April 7th 2015By Sharoni Ozeri

Here is a great appetizer idea for any passover meal! These Meat Matzo Pizzas or Meatzas are a play on Lachmagine, a traditional Syrian dish made with pizza dough and sautéed ground beef.


Matzo or Matzah? Passover is All About the Crumbly Stuff

7 Yummiest Passover Treats

February 28th 2010By Jamie Geller


Matza Nachos


March 29th 2015By Sharoni Ozeri

You will fall in love with the newest Passover snack craze. Matzo Nachos or Machos are a delicious way to eat your matzo.The recipe is super simple and the bubbling mozzarella and parmesan cheese pairs amazingly with the tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and fresh salsa.


Creamy Kale Matzo Strata

kale matzo strata recipe

March 9th 2015By Tamar Genger MA, RD

This kale strata is the best make ahead brunch recipe to use on Passover. Swapping the bread for matzo allows for a lighter dish filled with creamy kale, cheese and eggs for wonderful breakfast to feed the whole family.


Butterflake Nut-Free Kosher for Passover Bakery


March 4th 2010By Jamie Geller


Balsamic Mushroom Matzo Panini w/ Mango Jam


April 4th 2013By Joy of Kosher


7 Yummiest Passover Treats

7 Yummiest Passover Treats

March 5th 2009By naftali