Salami and Eggs Matzo Frittata


Passover Migas


March 26th 2014By Tina Wasserman

What to do with leftover cut veggies when it is Passover and you still have boxes of matzo farfel? Make delicious Migas for Breakfast or for a light dairy dinner! Migas are scrambled eggs and veggies sometimes topped with cheese. Normally the “secret” ingredient is strips of fried tortillas or broken tortilla chips but during Passover I add matzo farfel for the crunch. Easy to make but don’t forget to make enough to share!


Matzo Brei – A Passover Brunch Delight

peach matzo brie bake

April 8th 2015By Naomi Lerman


Matzah Brei Mac ‘n Cheese

matzo brei mac 'n cheese

March 14th 2013By Beth Warren

The Passover holiday is quickly approaching…more quickly than I realized! Because it falls out earlier in the season this year, I am hussling to prepare my house, shopping for non-chametz foods and of course, adding some tasty recipes to my repertoire. It is tough to stem away from bland matzah, matzah, matzah and more matzah. This is a tasty twist on the matzo flavor.


French Toast Matzo with Dill Cream Cheese


March 19th 2013By Seven Bites

Taking french toast and making it kosher for Passover! It is a 3 layer sandwich you will love.