Whole Wheat Spinach Matzo Balls


Traditional Fluffy Matzah Balls


March 25th 2014By Tamar Ansh

Make fluffy matzah balls with your kids, always traditional, everyone should know how to make these.


Sweet Potato and Cream Cheese Matzah Balls

sweet potato and cream cheese matza bals

March 18th 2013By May I have that recipe

*Note: Because of the moisture content of the sweet potatoes, expect these matzah balls to be softer than regular ones. Some of them might fall apart slightly, which actually makes the broth more flavorful!


Prune Stuffed Matzo Balls


March 6th 2015By Tamar Genger MA, RD

I can't take credit for this recipe and to be honest it is not my favorite, but my dad, Rabbi Paul Plotkin, has been making them for years and has a lot of fans, including two of my kids, so I decided it was time to share it with the world. You can use your best matzo ball recipe, the idea is just putting a prune inside it. The mix of salty soup with the hidden prune is what everyone seems to love. Give it a try and let me know what you think, I'll make sure to pass it along to my father.


Passover Matzo Balls

matzo ball soup

March 12th 2013By Jamie Geller

My cousin Bracha gave me this recipe for light, fluffy and perfectly round matzo balls when I moved to Israel and asked her where to find matzo ball mix. I will NEVER go back to making Matzo Balls from a mix again.


Passover Egg Drop MatzoTon Soup

egg drop matzoton soup

March 22nd 2010By Tamar Genger MA, RD

For a change from the usual matzo ball soup, try this unique version on Passover or all year long.


Nutritious, Delicious & Kosher: Pass Over the White Stuff this Passover


February 28th 2010By Bonnie Taub-Dix


Non Gebrokst Potato Starch Matzo Balls


March 27th 2012By Joy of Kosher

From the Lubavitch Passover Cookbook


My Irish-Catholic Mom’s Fluffy Matzo Balls

matzo balls

April 29th 2012By bethanyshondark

This is the recipe my mom first used for her Jewish husband. She had never made matzo balls before, and used the Passover recipe section of Newsday from March, 1980 as a guide. Irish Catholic or not, her matzo balls are the best I've ever had, anywhere. For every Jewish holiday and every birthday, this is what I requested. I make this almost every single Shabbat during the winter with homemade, from scratch, chicken soup.


Matzo Balls

Seder Matzah Ball Soup

March 30th 2012By Joy of Kosher


Herbed Matzo Ball Soup

Herbed Matzo Ball Soup

March 20th 2010By Joy of Kosher


Gluten-Free Matzo Balls

GF Matzo Balls85

March 17th 2015By Gluten-Free Nosh

Matzo balls are a favorite at Passover and any time of the year. But what to do if you are gluten-free and can’t have regular matzo or matzo meal, let alone matzo balls? While some gluten-free matzo ball mixes are available for Passover (my favorite is Lieber’s knaidel mix), they can be hard to find. Inspired by German potato dumplings, this recipe uses potatoes, potato starch and almond meal to make fluffy matzo balls — without the matzo. The result is gluten-free, non-gebrokts knaidlach that are fluffy on the outside, while slightly dense on the inside. Make sure to plan out this recipe in advance, as you’ll need to refrigerate the boiled potatoes ahead of time. A potato ricer works well here to finely shred the cooked potatoes, but you can them well by hand, too. When boiling the matzo balls, do so at a light boil, so vigorous bubbling won’t break up the delicate matzo balls. While you can make the batter ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator, the matzo balls are best cooked close to serving time.


Chicken Soup

Matzah Soup

January 19th 2012By Judy Bart Kancigor

My mother threw the whole produce market into that soup, and she was paid for her efforts in deep, satisfying flavor.


Auntie Ronna’s Chicken Soup


September 8th 2011By kfoglio

My Aunt Ronna is a wonderful cook. It's always hard to leave their house when we visit. One time my Uncle Dave baked Challah for the ride out, but we ate it all before we could say goodbye and had him make us another. Our family is so connected by food and memories around the table. If this delicious Penicillin soup doesn't make you feel loved and all better, I don't know what will.


“Mod” Matzo Ball Soup

Mod Matzo Ball Soup

March 29th 2012By Joy of Kosher