Blender Challah

blender challah

August 3rd 2012By Jennifer MacLeod

I think this recipe appealed to me mostly because I found it late one Thursday night when I was feeling lazy – too lazy even for no-knead challah dough. It combines a lot of elements I love, but I will warn you right away: this is a LAZY recipe on Thursday night, but you’ll make up for it with extra effort on Friday. This recipe yields a very soft dough, which, if you’re as unfamiliar with soft doughs as I was, could be a scary thing. This is NOT a recipe to use if you’re making challah with your kids. The first few times, you may need a bench scraper handy – everyone tells you to use extra flour to prevent sticking, but the moister your dough, the better, and flour dries things up fast. The payoff for the extra potchke on Friday (or whenever you make your challahs) is a challah that is soft and sweet like cake, almost un-cuttable but eminently eat-able. At least my family thinks so.