Slow Braised Short Rib Kreplach

short rib ravioli

February 27th 2014By Chef Laura Frankel

I love the entire process of braising, and especially relish the fact that I can get double-duty from one batch of melt-in-the-mouth short ribs. I always make extra short ribs and use the tender meat in soups, pasta dishes and these kreplach. I serve the kreplach as a comforting addition to soup or as a playful addition to salads. I also like to crisp up the little purses and serve them on a platter as a hors d’oeuvre. For a crispy appetizer or salad “crouton,” after boiling the kreplach, cook the kreplach in batches over medium heat in a sauté pan with about ½ inch of olive oil until lightly browned and slightly crisped on both sides. For a special occasion and over-the-top presentation to make VIP kreplach, dust the top of the kreplach with edible gold leaf (found at specialty gourmet stores or online). Serve with garlicky-aioli or your favorite dipping sauce.