Week {7} Recipes


December 14th 2014By JOKTaster


Week {6} Recipes

Week 6 recipes

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Week {5} Recipes

Week 5 Recipes

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Week {4} Recipes

Week 4 Featured image

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Vitamin D – Demystified


February 21st 2011By Tamar Genger MA, RD


The Best of Oktoberfest


October 8th 2010By joyofkosher


Secrets to Popping the Perfect Popcorn – WIN our contest!


February 28th 2011By Tamar Genger MA, RD

Popcorn varieties are broadly categorized by either the shape or color of the kernels, or the shape of the popped corn. While the kernels may come in a variety of colors, the popped corn is always off-yellow or white. According to the Star-K, raw kernels do not require kosher certification.


Matzo Pizzaz: Eight Days of Matzo Pizza in Eight Ways


Living on the Wedge: A Brave New World of Kosher Cheese


Kosher Turkey Recipe Roundup!


November 9th 2010By admin


Kosher Stuffing Recipe Roundup!


November 15th 2010By admin


Kosher Cranberry Sauce Recipe Roundup!


November 13th 2010By Tamar Genger MA, RD


JOK Tester!

The JOK taster

November 16th 2014By JOKTaster


In the JoyofKosher Kitchen with Joan Nathan


January 16th 2011By Tamar Genger MA, RD


In the Joy of Kosher Kitchen with Chef Laura Frankel


June 18th 2010By admin


Etrog! Etrog! Read All About It!


September 19th 2010By admin


Chipotle Walnut Tart

Chipotle Walnut Tart

June 3rd 2010By joyofkosher

A delicious dessert with a special added kick of chillies and cayenne. Get the recipe here.


An Appetizing Thanksgiving


November 7th 2010By ariyolkut


A Kosher Night At The Oscars

A Kosher Night At The Oscars

February 19th 2011By admin


/RECIPE/ Tomato Soup with Egg in a Hole

Week 3 Tomato Soup

November 21st 2014By JOKTaster