Orange Chocolate Meringue Kiss Sandwiches


April 4th 2011By Rachelle Ferneau


Nutty Dacquoise with Chocolate Ganache

Nutty Dacquoise with Chocolate Ganache

March 7th 2011By Joy of Kosher

A dacquoise is a baked meringue that has been combined with ground nuts and then baked and frosted. This dessert will look like a cake but taste like a crispy nut cookie covered in chocolate. How bad can that be? CKCA Senior Chef Instructor shares the following deceptively simple recipe for a delicious and sophisticated dessert.


Individual Pavlovas with Lemon Curd Whipped Cream


January 17th 2011By Jamie Geller

Pavlovas are just a fancy name for meringues and always wow guests without being too complicated for you in the kitchen. You can make them the day before and then fill with bright lemony whipped cream just before serving.


Chocolate Raspberry Baked Alaska

baked alaska

April 7th 2011By Shoshana Ohriner


Chewy German Chocolate Meringues

Chocolate Meringues

April 4th 2011By Rachelle Ferneau